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History: The Evangelization Society (TES) was formed in 1864 and serve the UK as a major evangelistic organisation for over 150 years; seeking to see men, women and children brought into the Kingdom of God. Between 1870-2004 over 1400 men & women, served as evangelists. Amongst its founders were Lord Radstock and the renowned Scottish preacher, Brownlow North. TES had the personal support of D.L. Moody, and was able to support the launching of the Salvation Army (via William Booth) and the Church Army (via Wilson Carlisle). Ron Spillards May95One of the most significant leaders during the 1960’s & 1970’s was an ex-naval Captain named Marshall Shallis. Ron Spillards (see picture) became Director of Evangelism in 1990 and was subsequently National Director until June 2001. 

TES Evangelists: During its ministry TES served the church by providing evangelists and resources to help bring people to Christ and make disciples. Evangelists were based across the UK, including Bath, Cornwall, East Midlands, Essex, Hampshire, Hereford, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Shropshire, Somerset, South Wales, Surrey, Wiltshire and Yorksire.

2020 HistoryGrant Making: In 2004, with funds greatly reduced, the decision was made to begin to operate as a grant-making trust; supporting itinerant evangelists and those involved in evangelism, particularly of a pioneer nature. In the years that followed, funds were ‘boosted’ by legacy income which meant that, from 2004-2019, TES was able to provide £378,000 to evangelistic projects. During this time 106 organisations have been supported, including itinerant evangelists, Christian ministries, youth work, prison ministries, children's ministries, media outreach, city missions, and many, many more.

In 2013, with funds once gain reduced, Counties was asked to assist by taking over the administration of TES.


Future Grants: During 2018/19 the Trustees of TES investigated the most efficient way to manage the remaining funds, and after taking advice, it was agreed that TES should fully merge with Counties. Counties is excited at this development, as we can continue to support creative and innovative evangelistic UK projects. These grants will be for evangelists and those involved in evangelism, particularly of a pioneer nature, enabling and encouraging 'Making Jesus known across in the UK'.

Applicants are invited to write to contact us with an outline of any project for which support is required: 01373 823 013 or email If the project meets the criteria, potential applicants will be sent an application form. Applications are only able to be considered twice a year, and applicants should note the following conditions:

  • Projects must be evangelistic, take place in the UK and ideally new pioneer projects.
  • Applicants are encouraged to show evidence of a network with other organisations/churches.
  • Most grants will be one-off and on-going funding is not generally considered. 
Applications not likely to be granted include: salaries; organisations with large reserves; single church-based or denominational projects; retrospective applications.

Requirements: a copy of the latest Annual Accounts should be included; first-time applicants will need to supply details of two independent referees; successful applicants are required to send a written report and photographs as soon as possible.