Tim & Charissa Cooke Greater Manchester

Tim and Charissa lead the Make Jesus Known (MJK) charity, which reaches people with the good news of Jesus. They do this with their team in several ways:

Crossfya - a cutting edge rap band taking missions, school assemblies and outreach concerts.

iTruth on the move - street outreach using dance music and DJs to engage the crowd and share the gospel.

ItsJesus.com - using advertising to reach a whole area through bus adverts / billboards / leaflets

iTruth App - state of the art app using videos and media to take people on a three stage discipleship process

Tim also preaches at concerts in overseas missions and at other outreach events across the UK.

They have three young children.

Tim Cooke Evangelist Page

Contact info : 0845 224 7482 or tim.cooke@countiesuk.org