Will & Lynne Andrews Hertfordshire

Will and Lynne are committed to helping churches make the message of Jesus Christ relevant and understandable to the community around them. They have created a service model for churches to use – Connect – Explore – Reflect’, and also organise weekly coffee events and evangelistic quizzes to reach out to those who don’t go to church.

They have also developed the popular 'Young@Heart' evangelism programme for the 60+ age group. It has now been used by churches across the UK and even in New Zealand! The week-long programme is aimed at reaching the newly retired age group through a mix of social events and teaching.

Will has also put together a high quality ‘down-to-earth’ apologetics series entitled ‘BIG QUESTIONS’ which looks at questions people ask about faith, which are often not covered in a church environment. It has been very well received across the ages.

Will And Lynne 2017

Contact info : 01438 228232 or will.andrews@countiesuk.org