Schools work policy & manual

Counties Schools Work Manual

An extensive guide to help Christians visiting schools across the UK.

Includes advice about:

  • running RE classes and training days
  • school governing
  • taking assemblies
  • pastoral support
  • running Christian Unions
  • plus much more!

Download your manual here.

Schools work policy

Principles of Schools' work

  • We recognise the importance of a strategic, long term approach to working in and with the school community.
  • We seek to assist pupils to evaluate Christianity as a way of life by, for example: 
    a) helping them to understand basic Christian beliefs;
    b) explaining the relevance of Christianity to various areas of life;
    c) assisting pupils in forming and/or clarifying their personal values;
    d) supporting on-going Christian work in schools;
    e) providing a positive experience of meeting Christians;
    f) offering personal and professional support for all teachers.
  • We believe that Christians have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the whole community.
  • We recognise that schools and colleges are places of education for those of all faiths and none, and seek to work with them in appropriate and respectful partnerships.
  • We seek to work in conjunction with school staff and not in isolation.
  • We seek to co-operate with other Christians in the school community.
  • We seek to identify and make contact with Christians already working in a school before beginning something new.
  • We show respect for school administration, staff and parents, and never knowingly undermine them.
  • We seek to teach Christian principles, whilst not promoting particular denominations.
  • We seek to affirm our respect for all individuals irrespective of their beliefs and encourage pupils to think issues through for themselves and express their own viewpoints.
  • We encourage pupils to “learn from the beliefs and values of Christianity while exploring their own beliefs” in the responses they give.
  • We are united in purpose, yet affirm our diversity in approach and style, within these parameters.

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