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Life Expo LogoLife Exhibition has, with several technical upgrades, been open to schools since 2006 and visited by over 100,000 pupils. It is well tried and tested, trusted and enjoyed by thousands. It is popular, so popular in fact that we created Key to Life to take the pressure off bookings, only to find that we still have huge demand for the Life Exhibition !

The Life Exhibition  has been developed with the help of education specialists to encourage children to question, to challenge and form their own opinions on the story of Jesus.

“Life is a fantastic experience for the children, thoroughly worthwhile,” Ann Griffin, Head Teacher, Cardiff.

“Teachers of RE all over Britain need dynamic, authentic and exciting ways of enabling pupils to think hard about Christianity. The Life Exhibition continues to deliver this….” Lat Blaylock, RE Advisor, RE Today Services Editor, RE Today magazine.

To read more quotes from teachers and see a detailed flow diagram of lesson content please download our brochure.

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 Welcome Teachers

Here’s where you can find all the information you need about the LIFE Exhibition. We are confident that you and your children will find your visit to LIFE a rewarding one. If you have any more questions that are not answered by this website, feel free to contact our Project Co-ordinator, Kevin Baldwin by email or on 07968 705623

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The LIFE Exhibition is a COUNTIES project. COUNTIES is a UK-based Christian charity. Through its workers, publications and exhibitions, COUNTIES provides churches and schools with resources that make Christianity understandable to all ages in the 21st Century.

LIFE builds on the success of other COUNTIES mobile exhibitions, such as GSUS Live, which have been visited by hundreds of thousands of pupils and adults in recent years.

LIFE is available to schools free of charge through the sponsorship of local hosting churches. The project is funded by the voluntary contributions of Christian trusts, individuals and churches. Visit COUNTIES website

About LIFE

The LIFE Exhibition is an educational experience with active learning opportunities, matched to the Non-Statutory Guidelines for Religious Education in England and Wales, and meeting the requirements for locally Agreed Syllabi. Using tablets, with text, graphics, DVD and sound, the exhibition is a ‘hands on’ interactive learning experience. LIFE tells of the life of Jesus, his Jewish roots, his teaching and miracles, and his death, burial and resurrection. The final area of the exhibition is the LIFE Café, where pupils can have refreshments and discuss what they have seen and experienced.

For schools that have been invited to visit LIFE by a local church or group of churches, there are loads of downloadable resources and additional information available.


If you have recently visited LIFE, we really do value your feedback. You can help us by completing our very brief feedback form. Complete our feedback form


We’ve collated some useful resources on this page, both for schools who are soon to visit LIFE and those who have recently been to the exhibition.

You should already be in contact with an organiser from the local hosting church(s) and will have received a Teachers’ Pack.

Many of the following documents are available as hard copies in that pack, or can be downloaded here:

All of the files below are in this zipped file LIFE SCHOOL PACK

Information for Schools
School visit procedures and approximate timings
Comments from Teachers and Children
Links to the RE Non-Statutory Framework

Life Issues and the Life of Jesus
Lesson Plans following a visit to the LIFE Exhibition
LIFE Line - prophesies
LIFE Works - miracles
LIFE Talks - sayings

Please don’t hesitate to contact the local organiser if you have any questions or issues you wish to discuss.