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Life Expo LogoIs Life Exhibition visiting your school? You can find out more about our mobile education units by watching our short montage film.

Life Exhibition is a trusted and respectful RE resource which is FREE to schools and suitable for any young person. It is designed to complement and support your school’s existing RE teaching.

Life Exhibition is led by trained local volunteers. It was developed by professionals, and provides an exciting and fun lesson for everyone to enjoy.

Children with special educational needs are provided for.

Welcome parents to LIFE Exhibition

If your child is soon expecting to visit the LIFE Exhibition, you might want to know a bit more about it . . .

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The LIFE Exhibition is a COUNTIES project. COUNTIES is a UK-based Christian charity. Through its workers, publications and exhibitions, COUNTIES provides churches and schools with resources that make Christianity understandable to all ages in the 21st Century.

LIFE builds on the success of other COUNTIES mobile exhibitions, such as GSUS Live, which have been visited by hundreds of thousands of pupils and adults in recent years.

LIFE is available to schools free of charge through the sponsorship of local hosting churches. The project is funded by the voluntary contributions of Christian trusts, individuals and churches.

The LIFE Exhibition is an educational experience with active learning opportunities. Using tablets, with text, graphics, DVD and sound, the exhibition is a ‘hands on’ interactive learning experience. LIFE tells of the life of Jesus, his Jewish roots, his teaching and miracles, and his death, burial and resurrection. The final area of the exhibition is the LIFE Café, where pupils can have refreshments and discuss what they have seen and experienced.

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Parents, if you would like to know more please download our schools brochure .

Counties staff are not in any direct contact with students or their families. Any student, parent or guardian contacting Counties will have their enquiry passed on to their school and / or their Life Exhibition local organiser.