Key to Life: Schools

Key to Life? is housed on a purpose-built vehicle that transforms into a large interactive learning space, featuring floor to ceiling touch screens linked to a computer system. It can go anywhere in the UK, it is mobile, and doesn’t need to take up space in a building.

Designed for Key Stage 2 classes, but can be shortened for a Key Stage 1 lesson, Key to Life? is a cutting-edge mobile experience which delivers elements of your existing RE curriculum in a truly immersive experience, using scent, sound, touch screens and high quality media to transport pupils to the life and times of Jesus.

Key to Life Outside ShotThe content includes: Timelines, decorate a scene, story board activity, games, empathy with characters, short films, small group discussions, real biographies, voting and exploring our own opinions. There are chapters headed: The Christmas story; Jesus in history; A story Jesus told; A miracle Jesus did; The Easter story; ‘Does it matter now?’ and more. Download our brochure for full information.

A year 5 teacher and RE coordinator in Kidderminster told us: “From the pupils’ perspective, it was an exciting, stimulating session. From a teacher’s point of view, the material complimented perfectly the Christianity element of the RE curriculum.”

“ 'Key to Life?' is one of the most innovative resources I have seen in a long time to bring to life, with new technology, the importance of an age old story to a new generation”

Dave Boden, Ethos Strategic Lead, Grace Academy Trust

Please download our brochure to read more quotes from teachers.