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Key to Life ChildrenKey to Life? nominated for National award Premier Digital Awards

Key to Life? Wins national award Premier Digital Awards #premdac17


Key to Life tells the story of Jesus through a unique, interactive and immersive session. Using huge floor to ceiling computer touch screens, participants can watch films; interact with games and quizzes; and take part in small group discussions – helping them explore what Christians believe, and understand how the story of Jesus is key to Christianity.

Designed for pupils at Key Stage 2, though adaptable for younger children, teenagers and adults, Key to Life? introduces people to the life of Jesus through a one-of-a-kind experience using sight, sound, scent and touch.

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YCW article Feb 2018

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Key to Life LogoKey to Life?  is a new £250,000 mobile education unit which delivers elements of the existing RE syllabus.

Life Exhibition 
has, with several technical upgrades, been open to schools since 2006 and visited by over 100,000 pupils.Life Hand Trans

GSUS Live has been used in over 800 UK secondary schools since 2000 and visited by around 500,000 students. In 2016 the units were given a £150,000 upgrade.Gsus Logo Rgb