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Job Opportunity! Would you like to work for Counties Resources? In November 2017 we are advertising for a full-time Coordinator to work with our mobile education units, GSUS Live and Key to Life. If you are interested in this post please click here for further information, email jonathan@countiesuk.org, or call us on 01373 823013. 

Resource Job Ad Nov17

Key to Life LogoKey to Life?  is a new £250,000 mobile education unit which delivers elements of the existing RE syllabus.

Life Expo LogoLife Exhibition has, with several technical upgrades, been open to schools since 2006 and visited by over 100,000 pupils.

GSUS Live LogoGSUS Live  has been used in over 800 UK secondary schools since 2000 and visited by around 500,000 students. In 2016 the units were given a £100,000 upgrade.