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We connect churches with communities in new ways. We help tackle loneliness through befriending, and offer practical help towards meeting our neighbour's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We've been active during the Covid pandemic providing deliveries to shielded people, and befriending the isolated in socially distanced ways. 

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Snip Pic Answering The DoorThrough training & membership, teams are equipped to:
• Make contact with new people in the community
• Deepen community links opening opportunities for the Gospel
• Offer practical support and help to those in need

We hope you'll join the growing number of local churches discovering Neighbourhood Chaplains. Together we have the potential to become one of the most significant tools equipping and enabling local churches to make Jesus known in our nation today.

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Volunteers usually offer around two hours per week. They work in three roles, supported by a prayer team. The three roles are (1) initial contacts (2) befriending (3) as ‘helping hands’ to serve as good neighbours in their communities. Neighbourhood Chaplains are there to help everyone, not only those with a Christian faith. Volunteers are given confidence through training, recognition through branded clothing, and ongoing support. Neighbourhood Chaplains offer practical help twinned with evangelism, giving the choice (for those who want to) to explore their spiritual questions, and access the church or other signposted charities, because we believe that loneliness isn’t just physical and emotional, it’s spiritual.


During the Covid pandemic our training is online via interactive video call. Counties is here to help churches "train, equip, engage and evangelise." NC member churches sign up to a ‘level one’ training day (a full day on a Saturday or three weekday evening sessions) and receive a Handbook and Workbooks for each trainee. The Training Day is led by our practitioners, volunteers will learn about: Biblical models for mission; understanding the Gospel; listening skills; how people come to faith; how to share faith confidently and appropriately; pastoral care; safe practice; signposting and more. It also includes a ‘toolkit’ Handbook for churches, giving suggestions for how to write your own policies and procedures; further learning materials, and protocols for the scheme.

Choose a Local Organiser

After the training day the local teams work together with a Local Organiser who is the designated leader from the local church or group of churches. The Local Organiser becomes the contact point between Counties and their scheme: to order uniforms; for support writing their scheme protocols; to investigate ‘level two’ training; and to order our free resources such as books, giveaway leaflets etc. from Counties office.

Join the Network

There's also a ‘members only’ section of our website with a growing library of resources and ideas for organisers to share. Membership of this network opens a wide range of experts for church leaders to approach with questions or concerns about doing community work and outreach evangelism safely and appropriately.

Understand the Biblical Model

The Bible encourages us to go out and visit people in the local community (eg. Luke 10:1-24), whilst the media tells us there is a loneliness epidemic in society today. Neighbourhood Chaplains offers a model of ministry which helps churches meet a recognised need. It’s an opportunity to meet practical, spiritual and emotional needs in local neighbourhoods.

• Build strong and lasting links with members of your local community
• Strengthen your relationships with others by working together
• Give training, resources and support to your volunteers
• A cost-effective toolkit which can be used flexibly in different contexts

If you would like to register a team (minimum of 3 people), please email us  to find out more, or use the links to download our Flyer  and  Frequently Asked  Questions

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