M4 Church Planter Training


People thinking of planting a church or re-planting a struggling one are being
invited to a training event this autumn.

To be held September 27 – 28, the event is open to those who want to join the M4 training programme – a successful European initiative brought to the UK by Counties.

The M4 weekend is open to those who are interested in:
• Planting a new church
• Replanting a struggling church
• Using a proven training tool which has helped hundreds of churches get off the ground across 14 countries in Europe

• Wanting to join the M4 UK training programme and meet the team who have written the material and used it to start growing churches in Norway, Finland, and Estonia.

M4 Lead Coach, James Hyde said:

“We believe that everyone can be a part of a team planting a new church, but it takes something special to lead a plant or replant. Church planting is a difficult endeavour and very time-consuming. This training is aimed at helping church leaders to assess, train and coach new planting teams.”
The M4 process runs from September 2019 to Spring 2021. It consists of four ‘Learning Community Gatherings’, as well as access to an e-learning platform specifically designed to build church planters and their team through
the first two years of their church planting process. Each team will also have a coach who follows them up between the gatherings.