"He lived to bring souls to Christ" remembering Dick Saunders 1930-2018

Tributes have been pouring into the Counties office for one of the country’s best-known evangelists Dick Saunders, who passed away in January 2018 at the age of 87.
Dick was a passionate evangelist who led thousands to Christ through his crusade meetings and was listened to by millions all around the world on his popular Gospel radio show ‘Way to Life’ on Trans World Radio which ran for over 50 years.
He and wife Betty joined Counties in 1960 after working with the Open Air Mission for several years and he led many summer tent missions in Hampshire before leading national rallies in stadiums. Thousands came to Christ every year.
Many say he pioneered joint-church evangelism across the country in a way that prepared the ground for the large-scale missions led by Billy Graham during the 1980s.
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