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Our story – Counties Planting Network


Our vision is to make Jesus known by multiplying churches who make disciples across the UK.


We aim to do this by raising up, training and equipping planting teams to plant in new places and to replant in strategic places in local churches which have been in decline.


In order to do this well we will network with:
  • Resourcing churches
  • Supporting churches
  • Church Plants
  • Replants

Resourcing Churches are those who have a heart for their region, city or town and in networking with us and others, they will be more able to release Kingdom resources, supporting new church plants and replants with lead planters, team members, and (in the case of replants), transitional leadership.

Supporting Churches also have a heart for church planting and share the goals and vision of Counties Planting Network but may not feel in a strong or strategic position to plant from their own fellowship. However, they want to partner with the Network, and become a supporting church, perhaps in time becoming a resourcing church.

Church Plants are new opportunities, to establish a new local church, whose heart and goals are in line with Counties Planting Network. The raising of a planting team, will be the first key step to launch. This team will be trained on the M4 programme and will be part of the Counties Planting Network.

Replants happen where there is a small existing work, who now recognise that they face closure unless significant change is made. Counties Planting Network will partner with the existing fellowship, and where possible, a Resourcing Church, and all will commit to the seven steps for Replanting a Church. This Church will be part of Counties Planting Network.


Training, assessment and coaching will be provided and undertaken by all Church Planting and Replanting teams through M4.


Our goals include:
  • Counties Planting Network churches will be part of a large Network of local churches, who share our commitment to the Gospel and our values;
  • To establish strong relationships with Resourcing Churches in each region of the UK, and to support them in their growth and mission;
  • To deepen relationships with Supporting Churches enabling them to grow through making disciples, and to become healthy, resourcing churches;
  • To train 60 church planting and replanting teams through the M4 process by 2023;
  • To be part of God’s great plan to disciple our nation, as we make Jesus known.

For more details, contact Counties Planting Network Coordinator Tim Cracknell on 07975 994224.

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