Life can be so confusing … Recently a Christian friend posted on Facebook ‘I once remember saying at a Christian gathering that no true believer could ever vote Tory!’ The Herefordshire air turned icy blue (in more ways than one).

By this time next month, we will all have had a chance, again, to cast our vote for our Government of choice. Some of us may be ‘true blue’, or ‘died in the wool red’. Others may be orange, green, or anything else besides. However, each of us have a desire that we would be led by the Holy Spirit. Of course, that is so vital in more ways than simply how we place our ‘X’ on a ballot paper. (May 2017)


Revival Start with small beginnings
Did you see the fuss over the National Trust’s omission of the word ‘Easter’ from their ‘Cadbury Egg Hunts?’ Sky News online headline read ‘National Trust cracks amid Cadbury Easter egg hunt fury.’

Depending on your viewpoint, it was either a fuss over nothing, as the National Trust pointed out that the word ‘Easter’ appeared numerous times on their website, advertising their various activities. Or, like The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, reflecting on the Christian values of the Cadbury founders, some felt that "To drop Easter from Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt in my book is tantamount to spitting on the grave of Cadbury." (April 2017)

Just another sign of the times?
It is easy to weigh in on the cultural debate voicing our opinions on ‘fleecebook’ or the ‘interweb,’ or alternatively to simply shrug our shoulders and resign ourselves to ‘the day of small things.’
Last month I picked up and read Michael Greens’ book “When God Breaks in.” It gives a potted history of some of the revivals that have taken place in Britain in days gone by. The subtitle of the book – ‘Revival can happen again.’

Desperate for the Gospel
In Zechariah, the prophet is told to not despise the day of small things! Why? As the NLT more helpfully puts it “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” Zechariah 4v10.
The Lord is in the business of transforming lives. The Gospel truly is the power of God to save those who believe. Revival starts with small beginnings. Desperate prayer, faithful preaching and Holy Spirit power.
May God help us to gain a great vision for his work in our day, to lay a foundation stone, grab hold of a plumb line, and to trust Him to do what we cannot…
It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. Zechariah 4v6 NLT (April 2017)