Neighbourhood Chaplains

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What is Neighbourhood Chaplains?

COMING SOON! Neighbourhood Chaplains is a new scheme being developed by Counties. The National launch is planned for 2017. Our aim is to equip and encourage churches (Ephesians 4.12) in reaching out to people in their local communities through house-to-house work (Acts 20:20). Volunteers can choose to be involved in three roles:

(a)  initial contacts (lead chaplains)                         

(b)  befrienders

(c)  helping hands team

The scheme includes a three session training course, where volunteers learn about: Biblical models for mission; understanding the Gospel; listening skills; how people come to faith; how to share faith confidently and appropriately; pastoral care; safe practice; signposting and more. It also includes a ‘toolkit’ for churches giving: ideas for writing your own policies and procedures; teaching materials and protocols. 

Why should my church get involved?

The Bible encourages us to go out and visit people in the local community (eg. Luke 10:1-24), whilst the media tells us there is a loneliness epidemic in society today. Neighbourhood Chaplains offers a model of ministry which helps churches meet a recognised need. It’s an opportunity to meet practical, spiritual and emotional needs in local neighbourhoods. Bd Cn 016

  • Build strong and lasting links with members of your local community
  • Strengthen your relationship with other churches by working together
  • Give training and support to your volunteers
  • A cost-effective resource which can be used flexibly in different contexts

Next steps

Counties is currently operating two Neighbourhood Chaplains pilot schemes in Bedfordshire and Manchester. In 2017 we plan to run four trial schemes in Swansea, Forest of Dean, Barnstaple and Hereford. The aim is to launch the scheme Nationally later in the year. If you would like to register a team, please get in touch to find out more, and we can keep you posted as Neighbourhood Chaplains grows.

Every blessing,

Jenny and the Neighbourhood Chaplains team.