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What is Neighbourhood Chaplains?

Neighbourhood Chaplains is a new scheme that has been launched by Counties. Our aim is to equip and encourage churches (Ephesians 4.12) in reaching out to people in their local communities through house-to-house work (Acts 20:20). Volunteers can choose to be involved in three roles:

(a)  initial contacts (lead chaplains)                         

(b)  befrienders

(c)  helping hands team

The scheme begins with a three part Training Day, led by one of our practitioners, where volunteers will learn about: Biblical models for mission; understanding the Gospel; listening skills; how people come to faith; how to share faith confidently and appropriately; pastoral care; safe practice; signposting and more. It also includes a ‘toolkit’ for churches giving ideas for writing your own policies and procedures; teaching materials, and protocols for the scheme. 

Why should my church get involved?

The Bible encourages us to go out and visit people in the local community (eg. Luke 10:1-24), whilst the media tells us there is a loneliness epidemic in society today. Neighbourhood Chaplains offers a model of ministry which helps churches meet a recognised need. It’s an opportunity to meet practical, spiritual and emotional needs in local neighbourhoods. Bd Cn 016

  • Build strong and lasting links with members of your local community
  • Strengthen your relationship with other churches by working together
  • Give training and support to your volunteers
  • A cost-effective resource which can be used flexibly in different contexts

If you would like to register a team (minimum of 3 people), please get in touch to find out more, or use the links above to download our Brochure and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Every blessing,

Jenny and the Neighbourhood Chaplains team.