On 4 May 1899 a group of Christians from Hertfordshire and Middlesex gathered to discuss how they might begin a work to evangelise their local villages. One month later the first Counties tent campaign began, using a 500-seater marquee in Watford, with support from several independent churches also known as 'Open Brethren' assemblies.

Similar work then began in Somerset and Yorkshire, before spreading to other counties in England and Wales. The work included open air preaching, tent and gospel-carriage work, house to house visits, cottage meetings and tract distribution. Over the years quite a number of new local churches have been planted.

Summer tent missions were a regular part of Counties work until the mid 1970’s. As society changed, so did the methods.

Evangelists now work in cafes, pubs, online chat-rooms, prisons, markets, theatres and our popular schools exhibitions use the latest to explain the Christian faith to people of all ages in the most relevant ways.

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