Friends and linked organisations

Brass TacksBrass Tacks is a Christian charity which sends volunteers on construction projects both in the UK and overseas for periods of two or three weeks. The projects normally involve the construction or renovation of buildings, but sometimes other infrastructure such as micro hydo-electric plants and more recently vehicle/generator mechanics. see

Church Growth TrustChurch Growth Trust offers property and trusteeship services, but also ways of helping churches to grow, with a vision "To be a trusted partner helping independent churches grow". This tends to be in relation to properties where the trust allows churches to occupy for a concessionary rent and help to fund extensions to buildings or improvements to properties. see

Church Planting InitiativeThe Church Planting Initiative (CPI) began in 1999 as a vision for planting independant evangelical churches in the UK. 
The Church Planting Initiative is a collaboration between Church Growth Trust, Counties, GLO and Partnership UK . see

CSNThe Church Support Network co-operates where it is helpful to do so with other groups which serve broadly the same churches and individuals in different ways. These groups meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest, in order to improve the help that we can give to churches. see

StewardshipEchoes main purpose is to serve missionaries around the world, and those commended from Christian Brethren assemblies/churches in particular.They strive to follow the principle of living by faith, and have proved God’s faithfulness over 130 years of operation. see

StewardshipThe Evangelical Alliance was founded in 1846 and is the oldest alliance of evangelical Christians in the world, and the largest body serving evangelical Christians in the UK. The EA's membership includes denominations, churches, organisations and individuals. see

FirstserveFirstServe is a discipleship and missions programme, primarily for 18-25 year-olds on a gap year, or those with a shorter time available. The placements and discipleship programme provide opportunities for serving God and being challenged in your personal and spiritual growth. see

StewardshipGospel Literature Outreach is a fellowship of Christian workers who have been commended by their local churches to carry out the Great Commission. European workers are joined by GLO colleagues in Australia, New Zealand, India, Korea, Malaysia, Zambia and Peru. see

StewardshipPartnership is a national network and support ministry to encourage local churches with a strong commitment to Christ and the cross; scripture; plural leadership; every member ministry, and spiritual vitality in every church. It promotes growth, networking, flexibility, strategic alliances and wide vision. see

StewardshipThe object of the RMAF is to assist retired missionaries who are in needy circumstances and to develop a ‘family’ type relationship among the beneficiaries.
The RMAF provides Christian care and fellowship for approximately 230 retired Christian brethren-commended missionaries. see

StewardshipStewardship is a Christian financial support services charity, connecting people and resources to advance the Kingdom of God. Their vision is of a transformed Church where the work of the Kingdom is abundantly resourced through generous giving and wise management of money and other resources. see